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Ugh, Terrible

Yeah, I haven’t stepped up here like I said I would. Well, the migraines were holding steady at terrible, and have recently begun to gauge up to truly apocalyptic. Right … Continue reading

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So, I have had these sporadically throughout my life. I very distinctly remember what was likely the first one when I was around 12, and being told by my mother … Continue reading

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Still Alive…

Sooo, menopause sucks. In case you were wondering. I’ll be trying to post more frequently here, but currently I do not get paid for this blog, so it kind of … Continue reading

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You know, with such a target rich environment you’d think I’d post more.

Yeah, except once the cheetoh won the election, it really sapped my will to live.  It took me a long time to recover from the knowledge of how many people … Continue reading

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Hey, so I am NOT Giving Up on This.

Yeah, I needed some time and space to get my head together.  I’ve been focusing on the Geek Girls Rule! blog and Patreon.  I’ve been working out.  I’m trying to … Continue reading

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Panic Attacks

So, this is something that started on Twitter and I wound up rehashing it on G+, and I’m just gonna cheat and give this to you here as it appeared … Continue reading

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Hey! I’m back. Again.

This time it was fucking kidney stones. Really, body?  Fucking really? Yup.  Another four days in the hospital. Now, in my defense, when I first got hit with the kidney … Continue reading

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Things People Who have Never Lost a Significant Amount of Weight (80-100 lbs) Don’t Know About Losing a Significant Amount of Weight.

Yeah, so I want on a little Twitter rant the other day, because I periodically remember all the stupid things people say and have said to me about my weight. … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m back.

Yeah, so recovering from having your gall bladder out is not as simple as I was led to believe.  It’s over a year later and I’m still having to be … Continue reading

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