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Not Dead Yet…

You know, I thought I would have blogged more here throughout the Trump presidency and the pandemic, but there was enough spiraling in my real life, that I just couldn’t. I needed a break.

I felt like the living embodiment of this:

My favorite all purpose gif.

The good news is, I think things are looking up.

The bad news is, I have to move, and we’re still in a pandemic.

A lot of the thoughts I would ordinarily have put here have found their way to Twitter, largely as “Shower Thoughts.”

For someone who wakes up half-zombie 98% of the time, I do a lot of my best thinking in the shower. Granted for the last year my husband and I have been waking up early to workout before I go to work. Which, who even am I?

But mostly I wanted to reassure you guys, I’m still here. I’ll be doing some more posting, maybe converting some Shower Thought Tweet threads into essays who knows?

I have officially hit Crone-dom. That’s right, I’m in menopause! Also, 50. So I got the Shingles vaccine. That sucked.

I find it hilarious people keep reassuring me I’ll understand things when I’m older, or that there’s still time for me to have kids.


It’s a family trait. I’ll look mid-30s until I’m 80, then apple doll.

I will get you guys a more substantive post later. I hope some of you are still out there.

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