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Non-Compliant, my Ass

I think I’ve mentioned the doctor who labeled me non-compliant because I “wouldn’t” lose weight on her orders.


My favorite all purpose gif.

In the desperate bid to rid myself of the migraines, in the last year and a half I have:
Gotten an eye exam
New glasses/contacts
Blue light filtering glasses/reading glasses
$22/month supplement – Magnesium and B vitamins
Cut alcohol
Cut sugar
Moved my sleep and wake up times
Removed almost all scented products
Spent $120 on mountaineering/glaciering sunglasses
Tried no less than 8 different medications/combinations
At least three made it worse, 1 gave me abdominal cramping so severe I screamed, most did nothing

That’s just the shit I can remember off the top of my head.  There’s more involving food (yay, ED triggers), and posture and light exposures, and changing out light bulbs, and ergonomics at my work station, and, and, and…

My migraine doctor praised me extensively for being on top of it and one of the most compliant patients she’d ever had.

WTF_SmileySo, yeah.  I’m “Non-compliant” because I “won’t lose weight.”

Ugh.  Why are people so fucking awful?

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