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Long Time No Rant!

Yeah, I have a doozy for you right now.

I’ve been a little busy lately.  I can’t remember when the last time I posted was, but we discovered my Dad had a brain tumor and had to have surgery RIGHT FUCKING NOW! Which he did, he just finished up radiation therapy.  It was benign but really aggressive, so radiation.  He has a second one they just want to keep an eye on.  Because, you know, he’s in his 70s and brain surgery is a lot.  And I’m changing jobs, and, you know, that whole nationwide pandemic, which is kind of what I want to talk about.

Strap in.

The biggest shortage in this country is empathy, and it has been for a very long fucking time.

No, I’m not surprised that the GOP is more than happy to sacrifice citizens on, as Chuck Wendig put it on Twitter, the altar of Mammon.

These are the same people who looked at the mass shooting of a classroom full of kindergartners and decided their desire to own expensive penis extensions, excuse me, AR-15s was more important than ensuring that never happened again.  These are the people who call high school kids snowflakes for NOT WANTING TO GET SHOT AT SCHOOL.  These are the people who act like laws requiring trigger locks and secure gun storage are an infringement on their rights.

These are, lets face it, the kind of people who shoot up a yoga studio because a woman turned them down for a date.

These are the kind of people who think black people should get shot for running to the convenience store, and do not give a shit that ICE has LOST 1500 children!!!!!!!

No, I’m not surprised that they want service industry folks to risk their lives so they can hit taco Tuesday and bottomless fries with drink refills.

Two things are at play here.

  1. Entitlement.  These jackoffs think they are entitled to other people’s service.  They probably also tip like shit, trust me, I know the type.
  2. A.  Just World Hypothesis.  They think, often wrongly, that because they are good people that bad things won’t happen to them, add in the Prosperity gospel preached by a LOT of modern Christian churches, and you have a recipe for disaster.
    B. They think they are the Ubermensch.  They are FINE with Nazis, because if they had just a teeny bit more guts, they’d be out there punching people too.  And OBVIOUSLY the virus wouldn’t dare challenge their superior immune systems, and if it did, they’d just shrug it off, right?  If it even exists.

I am so fucking angry about these assholes on so many levels.


My favorite all purpose gif.

I’m high risk.  I have asthma.  I get this illness, I have an exceptionally high likelihood of dying, alone in a hospital because they probably won’t let my husband in to see me.  My Dad is VERY high risk.  He goes to a hospital every weekday (today is his last) for radiation treatments, and so has been continuously being put at risk because he has to.  My husband and housemates are all diabetic.

And since cats are a vector if one of us gets it we’re all fucked. Because we all kiss their fuzzy heads.

Fuzzy head kisses are one of the things getting me through this.  (They’re indoor only cats.)

I get it, the mythology of America, bootstraps, manifest destiny, rugged individualism… (makes jerking off motions), WE ARE NOT A FRONTIER NATION ANYMORE YOU DILLHOLES.

I’m not sure if this counts as sociopathy or just an off the charts solipsism on their parts, but I need them to knock this shit the fuck off.

We get it,  you’ve been mildly inconvenienced by not being able to look down on the people doing your nails, serving your food, or dyeing your hair, as it is your sole sense of self worth.  That’s fucking fantastic.

Find a new fucking hobby.

Because I don’t want to die, and I don’t want my remaining grandmother to die, or your grandmothers to die, or anyone to die.

This did not have to happen.

I worked healthcare adjacent during both H1N1 and SARS.  Both of those viruses had the same potential to be devastating.  BUT we had administrations in place that in spite of whatever other faults they had knew enough to not dismantle the engine in place to deal with that shit.  They didn’t empower if not instruct government agencies like the FDA to stonewall attempts at developing tests and vaccines.  They tested, tracked and isolated early cases, and voila, no pandemic in the US.

Trump, however, dismantled the office that should have overseen that, his “attempts” at managing it have been little more than theatrics.  He is using it to blackmail states whose leadership does not agree with him.  His son-in-law is profiteering, openly, regarding PPE and ventilators.

This man is a criminal, and a mass murderer and needs to face trial in the fucking Hague, and I am not exaggerating in the least.  The discrepancies in response to Florida and California alone should merit serious prison time.

The GOP long ago ceased to be anything resembling a political party, and have become a criminal enterprise.  They should be treated accordingly.

Go head, be a denialist douchebag in my comments, my block finger’s pretty itchy.



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