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Dear “Pretty” People, We’re on to you.

Yet once again I am inspired to post because of a stupid Facebook argument.  I swear that service exists just to raise my blood pressure, and make sure I waste … Continue reading

April 27, 2012 · 3 Comments

A Few HAES Tips

Welcome to anyone who’s come here from seeing me on panels at Norwescon this last weekend!  I had a fabulous time!  And many, many thank yous to those of you … Continue reading

April 10, 2012 · 1 Comment

Hey, They Let Me Talk In Public!

So, I’m a panelist at Norwescon, a local SF/F convention.  I do this every year, and I quite like it.  This year in addition to my usual “don’t be a … Continue reading

April 3, 2012 · Leave a comment

You know when I said I wasn’t always the poster child for HAES/Body Acceptance

My Body Acceptance is at kind of an ebb right now. I’ve been feeling meh and unattractive and unlovely for awhile now.  I know part of it is that we’ve … Continue reading

August 24, 2011 · 2 Comments

Women and Weights

Yes, I know.  There are very important things going on right now.  Osama bin Laden is dead, but I just can’t rejoice over the death of anyone.  I guess I … Continue reading

May 4, 2011 · Leave a comment

Polimicks Podcast Part 2

All right, we’ve got Podcast one, Part 2 up with intro and outro music and everything.  I’m still figuring some of this stuff out, as I’ve never bothered with it … Continue reading

April 28, 2011 · Leave a comment

Welcome to All of Those Who Came to Norwescon!!!!

I hope at least some of you came here after hearing us talk!  The Body Acceptance is for Everyone panel went very well, I’m just sad we didn’t have more … Continue reading

April 27, 2011 · Leave a comment

It’s the Little Things that Count

I’ve talked about my former doctor here before.  The fact that she’d act disappointed when the numbers of my blood tests and blood pressure were awesome (because they are) because … Continue reading

February 25, 2011 · 2 Comments

How Many Epidemiologists does it take…

… to declare an Obesity Epidemic? According to this article in the International Journal of Epidemiology, none. Apparently, according to this article, in a peer-reviewed epidemiology journal, the obesity panic … Continue reading

January 31, 2011 · 3 Comments

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