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Welcome to All of Those Who Came to Norwescon!!!!

I hope at least some of you came here after hearing us talk!  The Body Acceptance is for Everyone panel went very well, I’m just sad we didn’t have more time.  I talked to the head of programming and I think we may break it up into a panel on Body Acceptance and a separate panel on HAES.

So, please, listen to the podcast. I’ll be trying to get the second half of it up in the next few weeks.

It was wonderful meeting you all, and I promise a more substantial post soon!  Probably tomorrow.  But I’m still recovering from the mild case of con crud I picked up.  And I was delighted to meet Living 400lbs, and I hope we can hang out sometime in meatspace again!

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This entry was posted on April 27, 2011 by in Announcements, Fat, Featured Articles, Feminism, HAES, It's All About Me.

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