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And we have PODCAST!!!!!


The first podcast is up and available for download right here!

Polimicks 001 Part A with music

My friends Marcy, Lesley and Tammy discuss living as fat women, and growing up various sizes, when we got fat and how that has affected our lives.  Sometimes we’re really funny, some of it is really damn tragic, and all of it is true.  Just four women, with occasional interjections from my husband, some boozes, sitting around the table talking about living, loving and being fat in this society, how it has changed how our families, friends and strangers treat us.

For additional information about what it’s like to live as a fat person in American society check out the  #thingsfatpeoplearetold hashtag on Twitter.com.  Started by Brian of Red No.3, it’s really revealing and heartbreaking to see the litany of abuse a lot of us put up with daily because of the shape of our bodies.  Whether that’s from genetics, side effects of medications, injury or just not wanting to exercise, it doesn’t matter.  Everyone deserves to be treated like a human being, even if YOU don’t want to fuck them.

2 comments on “And we have PODCAST!!!!!

  1. Disillusioned Drew
    March 8, 2012

    Listening to the first podcast. LOVE. I can SO relate. Mickey’s? husband’s background commentary is hilarious too. 😀


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