Leftist commentary from a mouthy bitch

How do they keep their brains from imploding?

No, I don't think I'm exaggerating at all.

I have to admit to a certain befuddlement on my part when it comes to people who claim to be for small government, but at the same time want the government to police my uterus, my bedroom, and the uteri and bedrooms of everyone in this country.   AND want to subject rape victims who want an abortion to IRS audits.

I’m also befuddled by this attitude that if people enjoy sex, they should be punished, preferably by having children.  Part of the reason this bugs me so much is that I firmly believe in every child being a wanted child.  No child should have to grow up resented, or be considered a punishment.  That’s just sick, nor is it healthy for anyone involved.

Seriously, if you don’t think someone is adult or intelligent enough to be able to make the decision to have sex, then what on earth makes you think they should have a child?

These are just a couple of the many cognitive dissonances living in the minds of the Right.  Another is caring for the babies, wanting to save the babies, you know, the chant of the anti-choice movement, “Don’t kill your baby!”.  Yet, they’re all for cutting the very programs that keep those children alive and healthy once they’re born, like WIC and public schools, school lunch programs, and after school programs.  They’re actually pretty much against schools, as far as I can tell.  The way they’ve been slashing budgets for education at every chance.  So, they want to save the babies from abortion, but starving them slowly to death is A-OK.

How do you live with yourself with those kinds of thoughts in your head?

No, I really want to know what sort of person spends all their time in that “I got mine, screw you!” mindset that seems so prevalent on the Right.  “Hands off my Medicare!”  But screw the other guy.

Every time I see the news or read news on the web, it’s got yet another attempt to scale back the rights of women not only to pre-Roe-v-Wade, but earlier.  And now you have legislators in Maine and Indiana trying to scale back child labor laws, and not only that, but they want to make it cheaper to hire child labor.  Now what the hell do they think is going to happen with that?

The unregulated free market does not work.  It does not work except for the top 2% who own the factories that mutilate the working classes.  We don’t need to experiment with it, we’ve been through it before.  Been there, done that, burned the fucking t-shirt. There’s a reason we have industrial regulations, OSHA and the like, because without someone forcing companies to enact safety measures, they don’t.

We have to stand up to this Republican assault on labor, on women and children, because if we don’t, no one else will.  We can’t rely on these people to do the right thing, when they are so obviously twisted that they wouldn’t recognize goodness if it jumped up and bit them on the ass.

Yeah, I know this is neither a cultural narrative post, nor is it particularly focused.  But it’s indicative of my thought processes lately.

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This entry was posted on April 7, 2011 by in Class, Politics.

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