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Big Pictures – Small Words

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I think its time that the Pro-Choice movement started to fight fire with fire. I think its time to start countering the graphic fetus pictures of the Forced Birth-ers with some of our own: graphic pictures of abused children. I’m serious. Hell, even autopsy photos if possible, with the caption “Because EVERY child is wanted.”

For every “Abortion stops a beating heart” sign or bumper sticker, I want a “So does child abuse” analog.

I can’t be the first person to have thought of this, so why aren’t we doing it? Because its not nice? Well, fuck nice. Look where nice has got us. I’m sick to fucking death of nice. If all nice is going to do is lead to the further eroding of our rights its time to mean right back at those Forced Birthing assholes.

You want to know where nice has gotten us? To a world where its ok for a pharmacist to deny us a drug our doctors prescribe to us for our continued health and well-being because they have an “ethical” problem with it. And for some of us, birth control isn’t. Its to regulate other health conditions, but in some states these assholes have the right to deny you that much needed medicine because it MIGHT be for birth control and that would hurt their widdle feewings. How much do you want to bet that if the drug in question were Viagra and not birth control, this wouldn’t even be an issue anymore?

Look kids, we’re going to have to start fighting fire with fire here. As screwed up as it is, nice just isn’t cutting it. In much of this country nice is equated with weak. If you can be nice about your cause, then maybe you don’t feel strongly enough about it to convince others.

I do. And I’m tired of being nice. The unwashed masses don’t respond to nice? Then give ’em something they can understand.

5 comments on “Big Pictures – Small Words

  1. rocza
    July 11, 2005

    So, and not to be flip, why not start a cafepress or other store that lets you create custom things and start promoting/selling them? Although you might not be the first to think about it, you might be the first to act on it…


    • sirriamnis
      July 11, 2005

      Actually, we’re working on starting a t-shirt and bumper sticker business on the side. Mostly funny, but if I’m doing the bulk of the design work, then we’ll have some political shit too.


  2. paradoxymoron
    July 20, 2006

    Can you submit this idea to a photoshop friendly community? Such as Fark, SOmething Awful, maybe RandomPictures here on LJ…
    One of my LJ friends took one of the “Abortion Stops A Beating Heart” bumperstickers where it was all one line with the EKG or whatever monitors the heartbeat zigzaggy line underneath and cut it so it read:
    “Abortion Stops A Beating”. BRILLIANT.


    • polimicks
      July 20, 2006

      Heh. I’ve always fantasized about altering those bumperstickers to read “So does an icepick.”


  3. garpu
    December 20, 2007

    It’s damn true. The pro-fetus people don’t *want* to confront things like child abuse. I’ve got a rant coming on that topic…


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