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Rape Awareness in the UK


This is the new Scottish/UK site about rape awareness. After a survey found that some ungodly high number of WOMEN felt that if a woman had flirted with her attacker (not had sex with before or even made out with, merely flirted), she deserved to be raped, Rape Crisis Scotland created this campaign and website to counter those beliefs.

I highly approve. I find it less than ideally navigable, but once you click on the “Get Help Now” link on the right hand side, it takes you to their regular webpage. On that page is the link “About rape and sexual abuse.”

On the “About rape and sexual abuse” they stress that everyone reacts differently to what happened to them. And this makes me so very, very happy. They outline some common reactions, but then repeatedly state that not everyone reacts like that, and not to worry if you don’t.

Go check it out and look around. I really wish that we could get some US agencies to get a similar campaign going on a National Level. I know there are some pretty good local campaigns, but we haven’t really had anything on a national level.

One comment on “Rape Awareness in the UK

  1. melloncollieclo
    October 28, 2008

    Thanks for the link, I’m in the UK and will suggest this campaign as something for my Uni’s women’s group to get in on! even if we just put up a few posters.


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