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Victim-blaming: Not just for female victims anymore.


A 23 year old man was drugged with GHB and then killed when he struggled against the man trying to rape him. The defense in this case has two prongs of a defense going on. Prong 1 is that there was a third man present, and that HE killed Shephard, not the man in whose home the murder took place and in whose basement the corpse was found. The same man who met the victim’s parents at the airport even though he knew exactly where their son’s body was at the time.

The second prong is the defense contending that since Shephard had watched “adult movies” in his hotel room prior to going over to hang out with his alleged killer, that he obviously was going over there for sex or something:
“Shephard, who was visiting town for the second time, called Smithson before he arrived, and the two made plans to do some sightseeing. Smith said records show that the intern watched “adult movies” at his hotel room.
“Was it more than a friendly relationship?” Smith said.”

Yup. He watched porn, so obviously he couldn’t NOT consent to sex or anything. And the fact that he’d been drugged with a date rape drug like GHB, means nothing.

This is utterly disgusting. And it’s disgusting regardless whether it happens to a man or a woman, boy or girl, straight, gay, trans… Anyone. It’s just disgusting.

Hooray for victim-blaming attorneys.

2 comments on “Victim-blaming: Not just for female victims anymore.

  1. garpu
    November 20, 2008

    some people just don’t deserve to pollute the gene pool.


  2. evilmagnus
    November 20, 2008

    …so everyone who’s ever watched hotel porn deserves to be raped and murdered in a cellar? Oh, nicely played, Mr Attorney!


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