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I Loathe Ani DeFranco

I really do.

I don’t find her music to be especially inspired or innovative, but more derivative of other musicians I like or have liked in the past.

I just don’t like her.

I realize that for some people, this makes me a “Bad Feminist” ™. But I’m ok with that, because apparently liking to suck cock makes me a “Bad Feminist” ™ as well.

Wow, I’m grumpier than I thought today.

Anyway, the nail in the coffin for me concerning Ms. DeFranco was an interview with her on Air America some time ago, where she was asked about her website and internet presence and her response was the equivalent of “Computers are HARD, I have boys to do that for me. Tee hee.”

Um, yeah, who’s a “Bad Feminist” ™?

Granted, that may have changed since then. This was three or four years ago, but I really haven’t been moved to explore her personal development since then, seeing as her music does nothing for me.

What brings this up, you may ask? Well, you probably wouldn’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

My new issue of Ms. magazine, wherein Ms. DeFranco is quoted about President Obama.

It just made my former dissatisfaction rise to the surface. I mean, 95% of the time unless someone brings her up, I am perfectly content to forget that Ms. DeFranco exists. I guess “loathe” is an awfully strong word. I just have no use for her. I don’t care for her music, I don’t think her opinions deserve any more weight than any other person’s opinions. I just don’t care.

13 comments on “I Loathe Ani DeFranco

  1. stryper666
    February 24, 2009

    I like *ONE* song from her: Joyful Girl (Danger & Uncertainty Mix). Mainly, ’cause it doesn’t sound like any of her other songs (more of a trip-hop feel).


  2. ironymaiden
    February 24, 2009

    do you take issue with what she’s saying in Ms, or was it just that seeing her name reminded you of her?


    • polimicks
      February 24, 2009

      Just seeing her name reminded me, mostly. Honestly, when I see her name I kind of mentally insert “Hippie, woo woo, peace…” and go on without reading it. Which is bad of me, I know. I should give her a chance.
      I just don’t feel like it today.


      • ironymaiden
        February 24, 2009

        heh. you are not required to like her 🙂


  3. jennydevildoll
    February 24, 2009

    Yeah, she doesn’t do anything for me either. But why should that mean “Bad Feminist”? I may politically agree with her, I don’
    t know. Just from the CD I heard I’m just not into that style of music.
    I think “good” or “bad” feminist, whatever that is exactly, should be based on your beliefs and actions, not whether you happen to like a certain musical act.


  4. kaligrrrl
    February 24, 2009

    she does nothing for me either–I’ve never gotten the Ani worship. her voice bugs me.


  5. staxxy
    February 24, 2009

    I have discovered that I like her okay when she is covering songs by other artists. She has a lot of passion in her singing, and i appreciate that.
    but her *own* music gives me meh.


  6. drakemonger
    February 24, 2009

    I am rather fond of Ms. DiFranco, although I haven’t really listened to anything she’s done in the last nine or ten years. Given that I’m well-inclined towards her, I read her “I have boys to do that for me” comment as a sort of victorious statement of economic power that reverses the typical gender roles of servant and servitor. But, y’know, it’s definitely an unfortunate way of phrasing it. I suppose I could claim she was attempting an ironic deconstruction of stereotypes about female ability.
    I suspect she would be among the many who believe that not liking her music had nothing to do with your feminism.
    So whom do you find her derivative of? I ask because it’s possible I would like them, so I’d like to check them out.


  7. javagoth
    February 24, 2009

    I like her OK. I honestly never paid that much attention to her until I was making a character that was supposed to be a bit of a stereotype of a lesbian, feminist activist though…


  8. lizmosphere
    February 26, 2009

    I never liked her either. She seems far too amused but her own cuteness.


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