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A post by a man about rape and the way silence and renaming it fucking sucks:

“See, this shit happens because fuckfaces, like you, like me, like us, don’t step up and stop this shit. To be sure- there’s 51% of the population who suffer and have an interest in stopping it, but let’s be real, we are the ones with power, and privilege and we’re either raping or standing by while rape is happening. Worse yet, we’re standing by silently while it’s happening. We’re even defending it.

Every time you do that, you’re saying to your mother, sister, daughter, friends, girlfriends, cousins, teachers, students, coworkers, anyone who happens to have that other chromosome? You’re saying “Hey, I’d feel -bad- if you got raped, but I wouldn’t do shit about it.”

See, it’s not just castrating feminazi bitches, you smug fucks.

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