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Unwanted Attention is the Crux of Creep: Part the Third

This is really an addendum to the first two posts.

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I feel this way a lot

Part the First, Subsection A:
Further unscientific surveying of every woman I know, regardless of age, confirms that women really hate it when they’re on the bus with their headphones in and reading a book/magazine/kindle/pda/whatever, and guys interrupt them to hit on them.  Regardless of what the guy looks like.

If you insist on hitting on a woman in those circumstances, unless (and sometimes even if) you’re bringing something spectacular to the table, you’re going down in flames.

“I spend eight hours a day on my feet, doing customer service.  The last thing I want to do is deal with more people on the way home.  I don’t care who you are, how good-looking you are, whatever.  I have my music and my book, leave me alone,” a friend of mine said at a bachelorette party the other night.

Part the First, subsection B:
The proper response to, “I’m sorry, but I’m already seeing someone,” is NEVER “Why don’t you ditch the loser and get with me?”

I know, we keep telling you women like confident guys, but that word doesn’t mean what many of you seem to think it means.  You seem to be confusing “confident” with “arrogant douche,” and those two terms are not interchangeable.


And you get no bonus points for using this “witty response” in front of said relationship.  Because discounting the worth and humanity of another human being in front of someone who likes them enough to be with them is sooooooo sexy.  /sarcasm

This goes double for telling a lesbian (or gay man) that you could fuck them straight.

Part the Second, subsection A:
Those clothes do not mean what you think they mean.  Someone brought up in a response that one reason “normal” dudes hit on the “hawt deth chix” is that they assume, by virtue of their clothes, that they’ll be sexually free and kinky.

First, having been a goth for a million years and having worked in a goth and sometimes fetish bar, I can assure you that this is not true.  Gothy, subculture women have about the same odds of being sexually repressed or free as other women.  I understand the impulse to believe that if someone flouts convention in one area, they must flout it in all others.  But that simply isn’t true.  An awful lot of goth girls want the same 2.7 children and palace in the suburbs that non-goth girls want, they just want a black picket fence.

Second, while women do often dress to attract men, as I said before, they dress to attract certain men.  And sometimes, they dress to please themselves rather than other people.  So, the assumption that the sexy, sexy girl at the bar dressed that way solely to attract YOU is incredibly arrogant.  Meaning, that even if she is dressed to attract potential relationships/sex partners/whatever, there is no guarantee that you are the relationship/sex partner/whatever that she’s trying to attract.  So take no for an answer and back the fuck off.

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