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It’s the Lying I Find so Hurtful.

I know, I know, I’ve used that Black Adder quote before, and truthfully, I don’t find it hurtful so much as infuriating.

So, today while at work, I had the MSNBC shows streaming in the background, like I usually do.  And I got to hear Rep. Chris Smith (R) from New Jersey’s speech regarding abortion.

It was the most sickening pack of lies I think I’ve ever sat through, or at least since Bush declared there were WMDs in Iraq.

No, I take that back.  While sickening, the WMD lie did not piss me off as thoroughly as Rep. Smith, and his happy horseshit about how stupid women are about abortion.

Seriously.  Go.  Listen to that pack of lies.

My new hero!

I now know why Rep. Jackie Speier (D) from California got up and told her abortion story in the House that day.  Because arrogant, misogynist cretins like Smith gladly parade around calling women stupid, unfeeling cows, with no morals, while the majority of the Democratic party quietly disapproves.

Fuck that.  I’m not quietly disapproving of anything anymore.

And I applaud Rep. Speier for telling her story.  I understand how painful and sad her abortion, a wanted pregnancy that developed problems, was for her.  I thank her for her bravery in telling that story, and I wish that it hadn’t taken bravery.  I wish that women who have aborted could live their lives ever after without shame or stigma. But thanks to the anti-choicers, that isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

And here’s another thing that’s pissing me off.  If “both sides are the same” then why aren’t pro-choice activists shooting the heads of Operation Rescue?

Oh, that’s right, because pro-choice people aren’t violent criminals who are all about punishing other people for making choices they don’t like.

Pro-choice people don’t HAVE TO LIE to make the anti-choice look bad.  I’m looking at you Miss Lila Rose. We’re the ones trying to get medically accurate information into the hands of people who need it.  We’re trying to allow women to control the size of their families so that they can, perhaps, get out of poverty.  We’re trying to let people self-determine, while helping them because one mistake shouldn’t fuck up your whole life.

If the anti-abortion crowd really cared about decreasing the number of abortions, or about women’s health and well-being, they’d get behind the course of action that actually drops the number of abortions:  comprehensive sex ed and easily available and reliable contraception.

Instead, they lie about the efficacy of condoms in regards to preventing both disease and pregnancy.  Instead, they tell girls that if they aren’t a virgin, that’s just like being a piece of gum everyone’s chewed.  Instead, they fight getting their daughters vaccinated against HPV, which could keep them from getting cancer.

The fact that they aren’t behind any of those things just further demonstrates that they don’t give a good god damn about women or women’s health.  They just want to punish all of us dirty, dirty sluts who dare think we should control our own bodies, our own reproduction, and our own destinies.

Well, this dirty, dirty slut is sick of your bullshit.  You say you want small government?  Prove it.  Quit trying to legislate my fucking womb.

PS.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that Bible you all keep hiding behind have something in it about not “bearing false witness?”  I mean, I realize I’m hardly the (snort) biblical scholar some of you would like to think you are, but really.  It’s one of the ten commandment’s for fuck’s sake.  (The ninth, to be exact.)

3 comments on “It’s the Lying I Find so Hurtful.

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  2. Rachel
    February 23, 2011

    Oh my, didn’t Ýou KNOW? Women–no, GIRLS–aren’t worth anything unless they are fuckable. And you aren’t fuckable unless you are perfect, beautiful, pure (no diseases), vapid, servile, nurturing, and fertile (pregnancy is a sign of fertility and aborting fetuses means one doesn’t value that fertility–GASP.)


  3. polimicks
    February 23, 2011

    I know, my silly ladybrain keeps forgetting I’m not a full human being with power to decide my own fate.

    Gosh, why doesn’t my man keep me in my place. /sarcasm

    I’m done being nice to those asshats. Scorn and derision. That’s it.


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