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This announcement is brought to you by my complete and utter inability to string two freaking sentences together to save my life.

Actually, this isn’t entirely true.  This is more about having sooo many things to write about that I can’t focus on just one thing.  I start one post, and it runs into another, and another and soon I’ve written about ten pages, but there’s no narrative thread, and it eventually just turns into sputtering incoherency, and I have to stop and go throw things for awhile .

I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed by the news, and really disheartened.

My heart goes out to those struggling in Japan right now, who have had their entire world shaken like a giant snowglobe, and it isn’t over yet.  I emailed one of my former students, and he’s ok.  He’s actually up near Tokyo.  Two of my current students are also from Japan and have managed to contact family and friends.  Everyone’s ok for the time being, but so many aren’t.

What’s happening all across the Midwest has me enraged and more than a little scared.  I’m heartened by the popular response in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, but I’m more than a little freaked out by the fucking gall it took for these blatant power grabs designed to strip political power from the people in those states, and the country as a whole.  It’s made me even more impatient with people who vote against their own best interests, and has led to some unfriendings on my personal Facebook.

I cannot believe that anyone takes James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart seriously enough to have asked the head of NPR to step down.  What the hell is the matter with you people?  Doctored, badly edited videotape after doctored, badly edited videotape and your first response is STILL “Look what he uncovered!”  Are you terminally fucking stupid?  After ACORN, the Shirley Sherrod thing, O’Keefe getting busted for trying to illegally tap a Democratic politician’s phone lines, you STILL just eat that shit up.  Well, fuck you mainstream media and your fucking conservative bent!

And the LYING, the outright fucking LYING by the Right Wing, and the next person to tell me that “The Liberals do it too” had best have some fucking god-damned citations under their belt, because boy, am I tired of that broken fucking record.  I mean it.  If you can bring me, let’s say, 1 case of a liberal figure lying for every, I’ll be generous and say, five instances of someone like Beck, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Breitbart or any of their stooges caught lying, THAT HASN’T ALREADY BEEN CALLED OUT BY OTHER LIBERALS, then maybe we can have a conversation.  But if you’re going to keep making stupid, unverified assertions at me, just don’t bother.

Oh, and don’t get me started about “civility.”  You know what isn’t uncivil?  Telling someone they are wrong when they are fucking wrong.  If civility means letting jackholes go around lying about important god damned shit, then fine, I’m an uncivil cretin.  Because I’m done.  I am done being nice to assholes with terminal cranial-rectal inversions.  I am done.  And if telling someone, “Wow, that is so wrong, what you said there.  Can you please explain to me how the hell you came up with that?” makes me a bad person.  Then, fine, I’m a bad person.

Don’t get me started on the right wing lies about Planned Parenthood.

So, um, yeah… That’s what everything I’ve tried to write for the last week has turned into.  Only this was the condensed version.  Maybe after I calm down a bit you’ll get some coherency.  Maybe.

I shake my tiny fist in rage!

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This entry was posted on March 17, 2011 by in Featured Articles, Media, Politics.

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