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Why I’m Not Screaming Foul on Anthony Weiner.

I propose a scarlet "W"

So, the truth is out.  Anthony Weiner sent a picture of his, well, weiner to a hot girl. Actually, it was encased in underpants, but you get the drift.  Now, plenty of folks are screaming bloody murder about this.  And he’s admitted to more online flirtations.

And I don’t care.

Now, I hear you all, those of you who think I’m a whinging lefty, saying, “But you get all up in arms over the Republican sex scandals!  Why not this one, hypocrite?”

Well, I don’t think I’m a hypocrite, although that’s up to interpretation.  But the big difference is, Anthony Weiner has never claimed to be a “family values” politician, and as such, has also never tried to curtail anyone else’s sexual freedom.  Unlike Larry Craig of Idaho, and Roy Ashburn in California, Anthony Weiner has never actively tried to curtail the rights of anyone engaging in the same sexual practices he himself engages in. Unlike David Vitter, he did nothing illegal, and unlike John Ensign, he didn’t use his position to pressure an employee into being his mistress.  Unlike Mark Foley, everyone was of age.

That’s why I’m not particularly bothered.  He did something stupid, whether or not his wife cares is between him and her.  Nothing he did was illegal.  And as he’s never claimed to be this shining exemplar of “family values” I don’t care, and neither should you.

PS. Also, in the matter of Representative Jack Ryan of Illinois, I was dismayed to hear a guest on Rachel Maddow insinuate that the scandal was that the Representative wanted kinky sex.  The scandal was the fact that he was abusively pressuring his wife into it, as far as I was concerned.  This wasn’t just “Oh, let’s try it (consensually) because we’re both interested and it sounds like fun.”  This was, “I want this and I don’t particularly care that you don’t.”  So, I do find this scandalous.  Far moreso than the whole Weiner fiasco.


Also, I reserve the right to continue to snicker every time I write or say “Weiner Scandal.”

One comment on “Why I’m Not Screaming Foul on Anthony Weiner.

  1. Jenna
    June 8, 2011

    I feel the same, honestly.

    That and I think that he has a terribly unfortunately name for this scandal to come out. He should have thought longer about what scandal he was going to be involved in. Or changed his name


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