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New Lows in Victim-Blaming

Yeah, sweetie, me, too. WTF, indeed.

So, yeah, a cop pulls over a woman in the wee hours of the morning, gets an erection and ejaculates all over her.  She filed a report, had the DNA tested, it was his, he finally admitted it and his attorney, Al Stokke, got him acquitted because, and I quote:  “She got what she wanted.  She’s an overtly sexual person.”

Because she was a stripper, driving home after work while wearing a sweater, not usually what strippers wear onstage.  And granted, I own some damn sexy sweaters, but what the hell?  Seriously.  This guy is a cop.  The people we’re “supposed to” trust to protect us, and you’re telling me it’s perfectly ok for him to jerk off on some woman while writing her a ticket?

But it’s ok, because she’s a stripper.

I hate this so very much.  That is exactly why this sexual predator did not get convicted.  As the Prosecutor Shaddi Kamiabipour said in her closing argument, “Park didn’t pick a housewife or a 17-year-old girl.  He picked a stripper. He picked the perfect victim.”

And sadly, it worked.

Guess what makes sexual predators bolder?


Congratulations citizens of Orange County, you’ve emboldened a sexual predator.  And all because his victim was a stripper, and we all know about them, don’t we?

No, you don’t.

Let me know how this whole exonerating a sexual predator works out for you.  I pray for all the women and girls in his jurisdiction.  And while I hope this near-miss is enough to get him to straighten up and knock it off, I doubt it.  As I said above, nothing emboldens predators like success.  He will most likely sexually assault again, and you folks on that jury, when he makes sure his victims can’t testify against him, I hope you remember what the hell you did and that you are to blame for it.

Live with that.

2 comments on “New Lows in Victim-Blaming

  1. Stax
    June 27, 2011

    Outstanding. The massive stupidity of this move is terrifying, really.


  2. Qweerdo
    June 27, 2011

    People often comment about how shocked they are at the outcome of various situations, when in reality, imo it’s not shocking at all. This story is truly shocking.


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