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The Power of Magical Thinking

So, I’ve posted before about how I am amazed at the ability of the Republican party to consistently get their constituents to vote against their own best interests, referring to the fact that so many poor whites vote Republican (talk about shooting yourself in the foot… with a freaking bazooka).

I believe I have also posted about how Facebook’s main purpose seems to be to make me stare slackjawed in amazement at something incredibly stupid posted by someone I used to party with, and ask myself the question, “Did we really used to do that many drugs?  Because damn you got dumb!” while banging my head on the keyboard.

magical hat

It's Maaaaaaaagic! (Sorry, I couldn't find a photo of Doug Henning on short notice)

However, these two things have brought me to a synthesis of understanding about just what this is about, from Tech Industry Libertarians to Good Ol’ Boys, I have figured it out:  it’s sympathetic magic.

“If I am nice to rich people, then I’ll get rich too.  When I am rich and I’ll want laws like this.”

This appears to be what it boils down to.  The idea that someday the magical bootstraps will descend from on high and they will be able to lift themselves (with no help from public education, transportation systems, infrastructure, etc…, of course) to the economic level at which they are surely meant to be. Cross this with the Prosperity Gospel so popular in evangelical churches right now, and you have yourself a recipe for rampant fucking stupidity.

Seriously, poor people, or even broke ass working and lower middle-class people, listen to me:  being nice to those assholes is never going to make you rich.  In fact, voting for them is keeping you poorer than you might otherwise be.  Voting for them is consigning your children to substandard education, if they’re allowed to be educated at all in the future (oh, I wish I was just being paranoid, but I point you directly to No Child Left Behind as my evidence).   They are letting banks and credit card companies indenture you, and you don’t even really seem to care as long as you can have a new jetski or snowmobile, on credit, with rates that are now allowed to fluctuate whenever they feel like it.  Voting for them is sending jobs overseas and wrecking safety standards for the few jobs they can’t export.

Look, fine, you hate brown people, homosexshuls and dirty, dirty sluts.  But could you do it on your own time without wrecking the country?  I mean, I assume you want to keep living here, being as you’re super patriots or something.  But there isn’t going to be much to live in or on if we keep going down this path, and you guys really do have the power to help change things.

For a start, if you’re going to vote for an Ivy League kid with a silver spoon in his mouth, could you at least vote for one who didn’t have to have his father build a freaking library on campus to ensure he graduated with a C.  And quit falling for the folksy, cornpone, bullshit.  W’s about as Texan as I am.  And about as working class as Larry the Cable Guy.  Seriously the only Texan thing about W is the baseball team he ran into the ground.


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This entry was posted on October 12, 2011 by in Class, Featured Articles, Politics.

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