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If You Think Abortion is Worse Than Letting a Woman Die, You Are Not a Good Person

So, last Thursday the House of Representatives Voted to approve House Bill H.R 358, the “Let Women Die” bill.  This will basically allow hospitals and doctors to refuse abortions to women, even in cases where the woman’s life is in imminent danger.  I’ve already had one argument with someone about how doctor’s shouldn’t be forced to perform abortions.  I personally think that it’s fucking reprehensible to deny lifesaving treatment to anyone, regardless of gender, reproductive or financial status.

I want everyone to understand something.

If this becomes law, women will die.

Not maybe, they will.

For the most part, women who go to hospitals for abortions are in dire fucking straits.  They are there because they are hemorrhaging, because there is something very, very wrong.  And Catholic run hospitals have already demonstrated their willingness to let women die.

The odds of this actually passing the Senate and Obama not vetoing it are somewhere between slim and none, but the chance does exist.

Not to mention that this is the SEVENTH ANTI-ABORTION Bill that the Republicans have proposed.

That's a hint, congress. A good one.

Jobs?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Yeah, seventh anti-abortion legislation these dipshits have brought to a vote, but they “don’t have time” to consider Obama’s jobs bill.

This is so infuriating.  We’re in the midst of the worst recession since the 1920s, and they are busy acting out their favorite “Handmaid’s Tale” fanfic.  Great.  We need jobs, you want to kill women.  Terrific.

ETA:  Ok, since my software won’t let me edit the picture, I would like to give credit where credit is due:  That Girl Crystal on Flickr and the link is http://www.flickr.com/photos/thatgirlcrystal/5479749262/

I’ll try to edit it again when I’m on my home computer.

2 comments on “If You Think Abortion is Worse Than Letting a Woman Die, You Are Not a Good Person

  1. Crystal
    May 15, 2012

    Hi! Thanks for using one of my images, I’m flattered. I’m happy to make my pictures available under a creative commons license. Could you please credit appropriately to That Girl Crystal on Flickr and link back accordingly to http://www.flickr.com/photos/thatgirlcrystal/5479749262/



    • polimicks
      May 16, 2012

      I am so sorry. I honestly can’t remember where I found it, but it wasn’t on flickr. Thank you for letting me know!


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