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It’s Like They’re Trying to Explode My Brain

Oh so angry.

Ok, look, everybody do me two favors from now on out:
A.  Do not try to tell me that people who are anti-contraception and anti-abortion care about anything more than punishing dirty whores.
B.  Do not tell me that I should be more worried about “real” issues instead of worrying about reproductive freedom, equal pay and queer rights.
Oh, and a bonus, don’t assume that because I present female that my job is anything other than necessary for my survival and that of my family.

Look, the people who truly want to save children/babies are the people who are advocating for reproductive freedom, access to accurate sex education, access to reliable contraception, and access to abortion if needed.  These are the same people who also advocate funding for education, health care for mothers and children, school lunches, and after school programs.

The majority of those opposed to contraception, also oppose those other things.  So, if they don’t want women to have access to contraception or abortion, but they don’t want to support women and the children that result from unprotected sex, then how is what they are doing anything but punishing women who have sex they don’t approve of?  Or even sex they do approve of, because an awful lot of married women use contraception to limit their family size to one they can afford to support.

Lack of access to birth control means that women are going to have children they cannot afford.  This means children will be born into poverty. Because rich women always have access to the things they deny to poor women.  When abortion is illegal here, they will fly to places where it isn’t?  If birth control is illegal here, they will pay for doctors in other countries to prescribe it and send it to them.  If they’re caught, they have lawyers who will get them off with a slap on the wrist if anything.

The next thing, that whole “why are focusing on this when you could be paying attention to real issues?”  Ok, listen assholes, these are real issues.  Fair pay, reproductive rights, access to contraception, LGBTQI equality, these are all real issues, and if you don’t think so, you need to pay some fucking attention.  These are instances of people trying to legislate either keeping rights from other people, or trying to take existing rights from other people.  They’re trying to legislate a permanent underclass.  And as long as you pretend that isn’t what they’re doing, and that it doesn’t matter,  you are helping them.

Equal pay for equal work, the right to marry, the right to decide how many children to have when, the right to leave an abusive spouse, or to work unmolested, these are all important issues in the lives of so very many people.

They are important.

3 comments on “It’s Like They’re Trying to Explode My Brain

  1. R. Mike
    April 27, 2012

    It boggles the shit out of me that it’s 2012 and we’re still discussing this? WTF people, it’s the 21st, not 19th century.

    On a positive note, a lot of this stinks to me of last gasp desperation, and hopefully when these fuckers kick, it’ll never be an issue again.


  2. Ann
    April 27, 2012

    I saw an editorial cartoon recently drawn by a white male, showing panels depicting women in burqas, Chinese women being forced into abortion clinics (does that even still happen??), women in poverty, etc. – and it was captioned “The REAL War on Women.” Which, to me, smacks of some man telling us silly ladies that we’re worried about silly things.

    To which I say, fuck you, buddy. You have NO clue, and you need to shut the hell up.


    • polimicks
      April 28, 2012

      It’s minimalization, “Why are you worried about wages when Arabian women are in burqas?” “Well, why are you worried about RAPE when there’s genital mutilation going on in Africa?”
      And it’s bullshit, because it’s a false equivalency that, not as bad as genital mutilation means good. It’s like, yes, I’m sure getting shot in the foot sucks less than getting shot in the head, but I’d really rather not be shot at all, thank you.


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