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Lookism and Love

I’ve blogged about his obliquely before, mostly on the Geek Girls Rule! blog, where I talk about men who fancy themselves “in love” with some woman they’ve never met or … Continue reading

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Podcast: “Nice Guys” and How Not to Rape

So, I try not to do this very often, but this is an important subject.  On my other blog Geek Girls Rule!, I had two guys on the podcast to … Continue reading

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Review: Adult Entertainment: Disrobing an American Idol

Ok, I went in to this expecting to find an actually non-biased documentary about the adult entertainment industry.  I was sadly disappointed.  I’m not entirely sure I can finish watching … Continue reading

January 28, 2013 · 2 Comments

Rape Myths (Originally posted on Livejournal, and CANOW in May 2009)

Sorry for the radio silence all week.  I appear to have contracted the plague (not swine flu, I did go to the doctor), and have had difficulty stringing together any … Continue reading

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Contemplating Dr. Tiller’s Death – Originally Posted at CANOW.org

Originally posted June 10, 2009 Part of the reason I haven’t posted much here is that I’m still not over the frothing with sputtering profanities stage of my grief over … Continue reading

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On Being Emotional – Originally posted at CANOW.org

Originally posted May 22, 2009 Because I write about a lot of charged topics, such as Fat/Body Acceptance, Abortion, Rape and Sexual Assault and the right of women to exist without having to ask for approval,* I … Continue reading

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Sweating the Small Stuff – Originally Published at CANOW.org

This was my first post at CANOW.org, so kind of an intro.  At the time the bulk of my blogging was done at Geek Girls Rule!, my geek culture blog, … Continue reading

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Rape “Illiteracy”

Jessica Valenti wrote a really good piece at The Nation about “Rape Illiteracy.”  You should definitely go check it out. Not only do we live in a culture where many … Continue reading

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The War on Women and Girls

The Republicans aren’t the only ones out there fighting the “good” fight against the evils of female sexuality.  Just recently Adrian Chen of Gawker outed uber-troll “Violentacrez” on Reddit as … Continue reading

October 22, 2012 · 1 Comment

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