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Review: Adult Entertainment: Disrobing an American Idol

I'll save you some time:  "Porn is bad, mmm'kay?"  I'm still angry I wasted this much time watching this piece of crap.

I’ll save you some time: “Porn is bad, mmm’kay?” I’m still angry I wasted this much time watching this piece of crap.

Ok, I went in to this expecting to find an actually non-biased documentary about the adult entertainment industry.  I was sadly disappointed.  I’m not entirely sure I can finish watching it.  First off, the film-maker’s “study” consisted of three people, one of whom either dropped out, or didn’t fit their “thesis” and we never hear of him again.  I found myself shouting “I’LL NEED A CITATION FOR THAT, ASSCLAM!”  a lot.  Yeah, by about halfway through he drops all pretense of trying to appear unbiased.  I’m looking for who funded this thing, because it’s just…  Wow, bad science.

And I can’t find his funding sources.  Quelle surprise.

I did finish it.  At the very end he outs himself as an “abstinence only” guy, and doesn’t want comprehensive sex ed taught in schools.  Holy fuckaroni!  Wow, what a phenomenally horrible human being, and wow was this movie presented dishonestly.

So, instead of attempting to review this, and give myself a stroke, I’ll leave you with a bunch of links to actual studies.

Porn: Good for US? – The Scientist

Here’s the actual study article that the above article is synopsizing. What this study found was that while rapists do frequently HAVE pornography, like most men do making the possession of the pornography itself insignificant, most rapists were more frequently punished for viewing pornography when they were younger.  So what appears to be the problem is the stigmatizing of sex and pornography.  WHO KNEW?

Legalizing Pornography:  Lower Sex Crime Rates?  Study Carried out in Czech Republic Shows Results Similar to Those in Japan and Denmark.  I’ll let the title speak for itself.

How the Web Prevents Rape on Slate.com.  I’m frustrated by the lack of link to the study or research this article is based on, but it does name-drop some researchers to check out.

Scientific American – The Sunny Side of Smut

Erotica Viewing Effects on Intimate Relationships – Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Let’s not forget our gay brethren:  Perceived Effects of Sexually Explicit Media among Men Who Have Sex with Men and Psychometric Properties of the Pornography Consumption Effects Scale (PCES) – Journal of Sexual Medicine

Pornography Actresses:  An assessment of the Damaged Goods hypothesis – Journal of Sex Research.  Surprise, porn actresses are no more likely to have been the victims of child sexual assault than anyone else, and generally report being more satisfied with their sex lives.  They have done more drugs than the control sample, but I would posit that comes more from access than anything else.

I could do this all day, thank you PubMed.

Also, I would like to interject that not once have I “accidentally” found porn online.  In fact, I’ve occasionally had trouble finding the porn I was looking for in the face of the mass of horrid mainstream porn out there, but I’ve never been, say, looking for digital projectors for work, and “Ooops! PORN!”

I realize that the plural of anecdote is not data, but I have to say that after nearly twenty years of marriage, during which we have viewed porn together and separately, because we have different tastes, I don’t think porn has damaged my marriage in any way, shape or form.  We are still exceptionally sexually active and very pleased with our sex life.  As someone who has in various forms produced porn (written, photographs) and consumes it (written, photographic, film, internet), I think, that as at least one of the linked article/studies above finds, when you stigmatize something you create negative effects.  I’m also not a real big fan of the “sexual addiction” diagnosis, as it seems to me to largely be a way for assholes to shirk their responsibility for their own bad behavior.  “I’m not a philandering asshole, I have a disease!”

I am so angry about this right now.  Holy shit, nice bait and switch, shithead.  As my dad says, “Don’t feed me chicken shit and call it chicken salad.”

2 comments on “Review: Adult Entertainment: Disrobing an American Idol

  1. Chris
    January 28, 2013

    Yeah, the director/producer’s last film was Last Call, a movie about “Where are you with God?” according to one reviewer on IMDb, and “Sometimes we build on sand, yet there is a rock if we choose it” according to the other. His film before that was The Cross, which is described as follows: “Told literally through the eyes of Jesus, `The Cross’ instantly sits you in the front seat to feel [H]is ultimate sacrifice. Walk in the steps of Jesus, feeling the pain of your betrayal and crucifixion. `The Cross’ is a unique and gripping portrayal of a heroic Jesus, told for a millennium audience.” These people can’t seem to make their case in a straightforward manner, so they have taken to trying to trick audiences into hearing them out, as if they could convince thinking people just by being heard. They’d do better to examine their positions and re-evaluate their beliefs in the light of actual thinking.


  2. Kyle
    October 14, 2013

    yep just got conned into watching this on Netflix got to the weird animated section and realized this was bogus


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