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Podcast: “Nice Guys” and How Not to Rape

So, I try not to do this very often, but this is an important subject.  On my other blog Geek Girls Rule!, I had two guys on the podcast to talk about “Nice Guys” and about how not to rape.  The reason I did this is because Geek Culture has a lot of problems, particularly with “Nice Guy”-ism.  And they aren’t listening to women when we tell them how fucked up it is, so I thought I’d bring in some Y chromosomes to see if THEY could get the message across.

Yes, the guy with collarbone tattoos is a total pussy.  Go on, poking him with a stick couldn't POSSIBLY go badly.

Yes, the guy with collarbone tattoos is a total pussy. Go on, poking him with a stick couldn’t POSSIBLY go badly.

The guys in question are my husband, Ogre Whiteside, who in his 40 years on the planet has managed to never rape another human being.  The other guy is my friend Sasha who founded the More Than Men project website and who also has managed to never rape anyone in over 30 years on this planet.  See, the reason I phrase it like that is that the news is full of dudes, many of

Or this tattooed guy.

Or this tattooed guy.

them Republican politicians, who seem to think rape is something you “accidentally” do to someone without meaning to, or something the vindictive harpies accuse you of after the fact.  The latter, of course, flies in the face of all objective reality when you realize that making rape accusations hurts the accuser FAR more than the accused, even in those incredibly rare occasions when they’re prosecuted.

These two guys are both great Feminist allies.  They are both advocates of enthusiastic consent, and in treating women like they are actual human beings.

PS  Go ahead.  Call the tattooed guy with the anger management issues a “mangina” and see how that goes for you.

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