Leftist commentary from a mouthy bitch


Ok, breastfeeding in and of itself is not a political act, but rather a biological one. However, like many other biological acts it has been politicized by our screwed up culture.

First, let’s talk about the things everyone agrees on:

1. Its natural. Boobs naturally express milk, that’s why they are there.
2. Its better for the baby (if the baby WILL breastfeed, some just won’t and you can’t force them).

Can we all agree on these two points?

Good. That said, I think everyone needs to get over it.


The Boob Nazis who stage breastfeed-ins AND the prudes who get their panties in a wad if anyone mentions the word. I can’t figure out why everyone has their hackles up over this. I mean, unless they’re a HUGE attention whore who wants EVERYONE to see that they’re a GOOD MOTHER, most people don’t even notice when someone is breastfeeding near them.

I’ve had conversations with Frogmajick, looking right at her, and its taken me several minutes to realize that she was breastfeeding. I mean, its not like most women just whip it out and spray down innocent bystanders, before feeding the kid.

Really, everyone just needs to settle the hell down. Most mothers are very discrete, and the ones who aren’t, well, I have a feeling the least of their problems is exposing themselves publicly.

6 comments on “Breastfeeding.

  1. ogremarco
    June 24, 2005

    “its not like most women just whip it out and spray down innocent bystanders”


    • rubylou
      June 24, 2005

      I could make an exception, my dear. ;-P


      • ogremarco
        June 24, 2005

        I’ll spray back. Fluid of my choice.


      • rubylou
        June 28, 2005

        If it’s body fluid, I say: bring it, bitch.
        I have a toddler. I fear nothing.


      • frogmajick
        June 30, 2005

        He threatens, but if you really did it his squicky dance is a sight to see. I did it to prove to him it doesn’t all come out of one hole.
        Of course, I do think I was rewarded with an attempted booger transplant at a later time.


  2. frogmajick
    June 30, 2005

    Boob Nazi is soooo disrespectful. The preferred term is Lactivist. Snerk.
    You seriously didn’t realize for a while? Jeez, and here I thought I was completely ungainly and indiscrete at it. Lotsofjoy is the most discrete nurser I know.


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