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Christian Persecution Complex

The Martyrdom of St. Matthew by Caravaggio

On my personal Facebook, I did my Armchair Activist duty, and “shared” something a friend of mine had posted about how the guy staging the Koran burning on 9/11 was an idiot. Surprisingly enough, for my friends list, the debate managed to stay relatively civil, and focused on things like, burning books regardless of what they are is a stupid, narrow-minded thing to do and will this idiot’s actions significantly impact the safety of troops over Afghanistan? By and large, I was very proud of my exceptionally passionate friend’s list for keeping the debate really civil.

But in the midst of, “Does it impact our troops’ safety?” and “Burning books is idiotic,” we got the obligatory, “Why aren’t you upset when people in Muslim countries burn the Bible? What about the Christians?”

Again, very proud of my friend’s list who limited their responses to, “Dude, seriously, we’re talking about a specific incident and it has nothing to do with that.” And he tried a couple more times to get people to agree that we were all Christian-hating Muslim-lovers or something, and eventually wound down with a tired, “Well, all radicals suck,” and left.*

But it brings up a good point: What about the persecuted Christian minority in America?

Actually, it doesn’t. Because according to polls about 2/3 of the US identifies at least nominally as Christian. The only officially recognized religious holiday in this country is CHRISTmas. I’m serious. I work for the state, and in that list of holidays everyone gets off, there’s no Rosh Hashanah (Jewish faculty and students have to use vacation), no Eid (again with the vacation time), no Chinese New Year, and forget pagan holidays. Although the University does provide employees with one personal holiday to be used as they wish, which could be used for any of those, or for your birthday, which is how most folks use it.

It is not persecution when people don’t want you shoving your beliefs down their throat.

It is not persecution when people say that ALL CITIZENS should be granted the same rights, i.e. marriage.

It is not persecution when people say that “Gee, it’s great that you think life begins at conception, but I happen to still think that a woman should be able to decide if and when she wants to bear children.”

The fact that other people get to do things you don’t approve of, doesn’t mean you’re persecuted.

People being all “not Christian” at you, doesn’t mean you’re persecuted.

Here’s the thing, if you want people to not think you’re a dick, don’t act like a dick. And I don’t care what your motivation is, greed, selfishness, religion, whatever. YOU don’t get to dictate to me what I believe and how I live my life.

Contrary to what appears to be a common belief among the “Persecuted Christian” minority, the founding fathers wrote the separation of church and state into the Constitution for a fucking reason. Because the lack of separation between Church and State all over Europe was KILLING PEOPLE. Religious intolerance kills even when there is a separation between church and state. When the state sanctions religious intolerance, then you’re looking at things like the St. Bartholemew’s Massacre of the Hugeonots, the massacre of Armenian Christians in 1915 and 1916 by the Ottoman Empire, the Holocaust.**

Look, Christian people outnumber the other religions in this country about 2 to 1. There are far more churches than mosques or synagogues, or oak groves. Your #1 big holiday is sanctioned by the government. Just because there’s a third of us who don’t follow your teachings, doesn’t mean you’re persecuted. Just because we don’t think it’s ok to deny citizens of this country rights based on your beliefs, does not mean you’re persecuted.

And people getting up in your grill after you’re a dick to them in the name of religion doesn’t mean you’re persecuted.

And for the record, no I’m not talking all Christians. I’m talking those few who happen to think that all the rest of us out there “living at them” is persecution.

*Near as I can tell, Facebook’s main function is to make me cover my face with my hands and ask myself if I was really so stoned/drunk that hanging out with these assholes back in the day seemed like a good idea. Also, reminding me why I don’t hang out with them anymore.

**Newsflash: Hitler WASN’T an atheist.

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