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Sorry about the radio silence…

Messy desk

This is what all of my desks look like nearly always

I have weird writer’s block.

I very rarely have nothing to write about. Usually, I have too much and I come down with Writer’s ADD where one post starts to turn into another completely unrelated post, and I’m sure most of you have noticed the tangents.

Now, ramp my tendency to tangent up to 11, then you’ll have an inkling of what this form of writer’s block looks like. I’ve got about ten partially written posts here and at other blogs waiting for the brain to settle down so I can actually make coherent sense out of them.

For starters, this being brought home really hard by the reality of my husband losing his job, a revamp of “Not all poor white people are Budweiser swilling, NASCAR Fans.”

I’d also like to point out that while white middle class Feminism has failed WOC, it has also failed an ton of poor white women, too. And see the above desired post about how we aren’t all knuckle-dragging cousin fuckers.

I also want to SCREAM about the bullshit with Christine O’Donnell and What’s His Butt Paladino winning their respective primaries. For fuck’s sake, she’s terrified of masturbation and he forwards along BESTIALITY PORN!!!!!!! What the fucking fuckity fuck is wrong with you people?

And by you people, I mean the people who are convinced every election to vote against their interests in the name of keeping faggots from marrying, brown people from equality and citizenship, and women from controlling their own fecundity, with a side helping of dressing it all up in a folksy down-home drawl they have about as much “right to” as say, any given member of the Kennedy family or Larry the Cable Guy.

And don’t even get me started with the whole, re-writing history to try to “re-claim” the civil rights movement on the part of Glenn “Whoring Myself for Gold” Beck and any other Republican cretin who is currently trying it. I’m looking at you, Haley Barbour.

Seriously, every time I think I can’t possibly be appalled any further, well, what do you know?

Outrage fatigue would be kind of nice right about now.

The other night, I decided that to try to get my blood pressure down to manageable levels I would start guided meditation. I would sit, burning a white candle and imagining it burning away all my negative thoughts and feelings.

I am a going to need one fuck of a lot of white candles.

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