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Polimicks Podcast 002 – Slutwalks

This is why we have to do this.

In this episode, my friend Jenna and I discuss the Slutwalks, and what they mean to us, since both of us were labelled sluts at a very young age.

Listen here:  Polimicks 002

A few of the things we discuss are:
Jaclyn Friedman at the Boston Slutwalk, video and transcript at Feministing.
Yes Means Yes Blog
Matthew Paul Turner, Christian Author
YA author Melissa Marr, the book I talk about is Wicked Lovely
Feminist Frequency Buffy -v- Edward
Filament Magazine LOVE THIS!!!!!!
Poll in Scotland/UK
Slutwalk Seattle – June 19
Slutwalk Portland – July 31
Slutwalk Olympia – No date mentioned on the page

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