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The Politics of Women’s Bodies


Because who cares what happens to poor women, amirite guys?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that the Susan G. Komen Foundation has withdrawn their funding from Planned Parenthood.  They’ve said they can’t support any organization under investigation, but the entire world knows that the investigation instigated by an Anti-Choice congressman, is merely an act of  harassment.  And then, when you find out that Karen Handel, who was named Senior Vice President at Komen in April of 2011, has in the past run for Governor of Georgia on an Anti-Choice platform, promising to cut all state funding of cervical cancer and breast cancer screenings to Planned Parenthood, you begin to suspect that you can’t take her words at face value.    This is a disgusting ploy to court the Anti-Choice segment of the population, and an incredibly callous act that could leave millions of low-income women, who rely on Planned Parenthood for the majority of their medical needs, without breast cancer screenings.

Also, anyone who says that any money that goes to Planned Parenthood could support abortion, does not know how the accounting practices of non-profits work, particularly non-profits that provide abortion and contraceptive services.  Thanks to the Hyde Amendment, Planned Parenthood can show you where every penny of every dollar they receive goes.  The money from the Susan G. Komen Foundation went solely to fund breast cancer screenings.  That’s it.  They didn’t use to for anything else, not even cervical cancer screenings.  That’s it, you know, the thing they say they want to fight?  What Congressman Stearns’s investigation is going to find, is the same thing every investigation of Planned Parenthood finds, that they aren’t breaking any laws.

I’m about tapped out on angry right now.  So I’m just gonna post an assload of links that explain it better than I can.

Blag Hag – Do not donate to Susan G. Komen.
Rebecca Traister on the Brian Lehrer Show.
Amanda Marcotte at Slate.com – Susan G. Komen Charity throws Planned Parenthood Under the Bus
Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon, where she gets to swear more.
Tracy Clark-Flory on Slate – The Fight Against Cancer – and abortion
PZ Meyers weighs in on SGKF.  (Lest I be accused of sexism for not including a male perspective)


Support for Planned Parenthood
SignOn.org Petition
I Stand with Planned Parenthood petition
Donate to Planned Parenthood
Contact page for the Susan G. Komen Foundation – tell them how you feel about this decision.

Seriously, fuck the Susan G. Komen Foundation right in the ear for this bullshit.  They say “pro-life” I hear, “Screw poor women, if you aren’t rich enough to afford cancer screenings on your own, you deserve to die.”

ETA:  ThinkBeforeYouPink

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