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Polimicks Podcast #3, Part I – A conversation on Birth Control



Ok, then, I recorded  Polimicks 003 Part I, a conversation with Ann Hinch who you may remember from the guest post about two back where she talked about vetting political candidates and holding them accountable for their past actions, particularly when they acted in opposition to what they claim to support now.

The conversation ran long, so you’re going to get the first part here, about an hour’s worth.  I’ll post the second part in a week or so.  In the first part we managed to stay mostly on topic, but the second half is rambly as all get out.  So make what you can out of it.  In the podcast we mentioned a few links.  They may not all come up in this segment, but I’ll give them all to you here anyway.

Guttmacher Institute


“You didn’t thank me for punching you in the face.” 

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