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Argh!!! More Stupidity on Obesity.

300px-Angry_Talk_(Comic_Style).svgSo, here we have an article that starts out by saying, that as a whole, Americans are getting more exercise and as a result their blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels are decreasing.  In short Americans are getting healthier, BUT, and this is the big but (no pun intended), they aren’t getting any less fat.


It also says that our life expectancy isn’t rising as fast as other nations.  Well, actually what it says is that the richest counties in America have life expectancies on par with or better than our similarly industrial peers.  And that the poorest counties in America have life expectancies on par with some of the poorest countries in the world.

So, access to healthy food, clean water, and medical care makes a difference.  Who knew?  You still sure it’s the fat and not the fact that America’s poor are no better off than the poor of other countries?

I like and respect scientists as much as the next skeptic, but I also know how to read studies, and understand how science, particularly health, reporting works in media.  And as always, the upswing of the article is “ZOMG! WE HAVE TO TRY TO MAKE PEOPLE LESS FAT NOW!!!!”

However, as seen in a grand rounds at the University of Washington in 1990 (Weigle DS.  Human Obesity: Exploding the Myths.  West J Med 1990 Oct; 153:421-428), the bulk of data suggests that people cannot just change their weight through willpower and diet.  And also that by assuming that fat people are lazy, eat more, and that their failure to lose weight is their fault, the medical profession is doing them a grave disservice.

The cited article (no link available) was written in 1990.  NINETEEN FUCKING NINETY, PEOPLE!!! Why are we even still having these fucking conversations?  As many other studies have shown, eating healthy and exercising will generally make you healthier, but it does not make you thinner, unless something has happened to make you gain an unnatural amount of weight.  And honestly, as most naturally thin people will tell you, if they are at all self-actualized, it’s hard to make your body gain more weight than it wants, just as it’s difficult to lose weight.

So, can we please, just listen to things the medical profession has known for decades, instead of listening to the multi-billion dollar diet industry that makes its money off of making us fear and hate our bodies.

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