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Government Shutdown

What in the good god damn do these Republican jackasses think they’re doing?

And I have to say, first person who says both parties are responsible can turn off the Faux News Kool-Aid and pull their head out of their ass before I kick it loose.

The GOP can’t even tell you why they’re doing it.  They just bleat about “Obamacare!” and then do a little sidestep* offstage.  This shut down isn’t stopping Obamacare.  It isn’t going to.  What it IS doing is delaying payments to veterans, stopping paychecks to government workers, closing National Parks and Monuments and cutting off the pay to the people who maintain them.  Every day I get to see friends of mine, disabled vets and other people who rely on social services freaking the fuck out because their landlords and the utility companies are not going to take, “The GOP is holding my paycheck hostage” as an excuse.

I am kind of out of give a fuck for anyone who says, “Both parties are the same!” right now.

Ok, it’s just a short one for today, I’m coming off a week and a half of the death flu.

*Yes, that IS a Best Little Whorehouse in Texas reference. 

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This entry was posted on October 7, 2013 by in Featured Articles, Politics.

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