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Dear Dudes “explaining” to Women How Not to Get Raped…

Served piping hot!

Served piping hot!

Shut the ever loving fuck up!

And I’ll tell you why.

Because there is not a single, solitary, new, innovative, creative suggestion you could offer that we haven’t had beaten into us during the course of our entire lives as women in this culture, in just about any culture, actually.

Not One.

And if you think you have a tip that we’ve NEVER heard before, fucking Google it.  And if you’ve managed to spell at least a third of words right, you will see how very fucking wrong you actually are.

And no, I don’t think I need to be nicer about this.  Because if you have been sucking air for any length of time in this culture, if you don’t have a chronic cranial-rectal inversion, you would KNOW that women already spend their entire god damned lives making a series of compromises between safety and being able to function in this society.  That we are battered with “helpful tips” about making ourselves rape-proof from the day we start being demonstrably different from boys.  Boobs are often the catalyst for this “special treatment.”

Because let me tell you, instead of coming off as some wet behind the ears naif who just fell off the turnip truck, what you sound like to women is a smug, self-satisfied asshole with all the awareness and consciousness of a dead cactus.

From the time that someone can definitively look at our bodies and say “Hey, that there is a girl!” without basing it solely on the cues of clothing or hairstyle (and honestly sometimes before) we are raised to hem ourselves in to protect ourselves.

Don’t go anywhere alone at night.  Always check the backseat of your car before you get in.  Have your keys in your hand the minute you leave a building.  Don’t wear short skirts or cleavage baring shirts.  Don’t drink.  Don’t talk to strange men.  Don’t make any strange men angry.  Don’t smile.  But don’t be rude.  Don’t swing your hips so much when you walk.  Don’t wear heels. Don’t wear make up.  Don’t wear bright colors.  Don’t wear tight clothes.  Don’t wear clothes so bulky you can’t fight.  Don’t go to parties.  If you go to a party always have your drink with you with a napkin over it. Carry a gun.  Don’t carry a gun, it will be used against you.

I could probably go on for fucking days.  In fact I keep going back and adding shit to it every few seconds.

There is not a single fucking woman in this society who has not had this drilled into her skull.  Frequently accompanied by purity movement bullshit about how she is the “gatekeeper” of purity and is therefore responsible for the actions of the boys and men she drives into lust with her whorish ways.

So, what brought this on?

There’s the atheist dude calls himself Thunderf00t (he uses zeroes for o’s because he’s L33T or some shit) who spent 18 minutes in a video haranguing women about what WE need to do to keep from getting raped because asking dudes not to rape is like asking gay people to go straight.

Yeah.  I wish I was making that up.  In this dude’s fucked up little world, rapist is apparently a sexual orientation.

Well this other dude, did a fan-fucking-tastic job taking his “argument” apart (seriously, click back and read the whole thing).  And  you should go read that other dude’s posts, he is fucking amazing.  But be warned, there are a couple of folks, mostly guys, in the comments going through the most elaborate verbal gymnastics to rationalize away the fact that the idiot said that rapist is a sexual orientation, teaching men to rape doesn’t work, and women just need to be more careful, but if we’re too careful we “look like victims”  or are bitches and make his wiener limp or something, I’m not entirely sure where he was going with that.

So, guys, seriously, if your first response to the topic of rape is ever, “Well, you know what you need to do?” then what YOU need to do is keep your fucking mouth shut, because you’re about to announce to the world at large what a gigantic, clueless, douchebag you really are.

I mean, really, I’m just thinking of you guys’ well-being here.

One comment on “Dear Dudes “explaining” to Women How Not to Get Raped…

  1. Shelley K
    April 5, 2014

    No no, don’t warn them! This way, when they do spout off, any person with sense knows to stay far the fuck away from them. It’s convenient.


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