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Now that the Rant is out of the way…

Why do the assumptions that dudes like Thuderwhosis make so rile me and other feminists?  This assumption that only if these gallivanting hussies would follow their rules for safe behavior, everything would be hunky dory?

Not everyone can live by those proscriptions for safety.  Single women, poor women, working women cannot always go about escorted by a male relative, or only in daylight hours.  We have shit to do assholes.  I, in fact, live in a region where come the end of October, I leave for work in the dark, and I get home in the dark.

Apart from the fact that we have already heard their ideas, ad nauseum practically since birth, and that most of us can’t adhere to them anyway, there’s the teeny, tiny matter that:  They. Don’t. Work.

All those myriad ways in which women are taught to hem themselves in for safety do dick all in the presence of a rapist.

The number of rapes committed by a stranger is somewhere around 25%.  This leaves 75% of rapes committed by someone the victim knows and trusts:  a friend, a partner, a co-worker, a spouse, a parent or other relative…  Yeah, so if your advice to rape victims is don’t go out alone?   What good does that do when the victim lives with their rapist?  Don’t go home with strange men?  And what about going home with this guy I’ve been dating for several months, who has been nothing but sweet so far, and then he rapes me?

We’re pissed off at the dudes mansplaining how not to get raped to us because they don’t know shit about shit.  They keep bleating the same shit that HASN’T WORKED FOR FUCKING MILLENIA!

And telling a victim all the ways she SHOULD have behaved to not get raped, IS blaming the victim for something that the rapist bears sole responsibility for:  the decision to rape.

Rape happens because someone (a rapist) decides to rape.  That is why it happens.  It doesn’t happen because of short skirts, long hair, make-up, dark alleys, alcohol or anything.  It happens because a rapist makes the conscious decision to violate another human being’s body against their will.

So shut up.


Well, ok, maybe rant not entirely out of the way.  🙂

One comment on “Now that the Rant is out of the way…

  1. Shelley K
    April 5, 2014

    I bet some of them don’t understand because they’re too scared to take a close look at it all, because then they might feel guilty. Which still, fuck them, but.. it’s frustrating because if they don’t do anything wrong they have no need to. It’s like “can we all just recognize most of us agree rape is bad and take it from there and stop making excuses?”


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