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FUCK YOU, Conservative members of SCOTUS

300px-Angry_Talk_(Comic_Style).svgYeah, two rulings that most effect women, particularly poor and women of color, both of them side against those women.


Yeah, that about sums it up.

Once again the court splits along political lines.

Why the fuck haven’t we found a way to remove Scalia.  The man is a walking case of malfeasance.  From refusing to recuse himself from cases involving corporations whose CEO’s or founders he GOLFED WITH, and in at least one case, for whom his wife worked, to this bullshit.

I am about seven fucking shades of done with that mother fucker.

I sure hope you didn’t come here looking for coherent analysis, because I can’t do that right now.

So essentially, google Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s disagreements with both cases decided today.

I’m going to eat brownies and hide in my pillow fort until I have to go to work tomorrow.

My favorite all purpose gif.

My favorite all purpose gif.

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This entry was posted on June 30, 2014 by in Abortion, Class, Featured Articles, Misogyny, Morality, Politics, Religion, Reproductive Rights, Sexism.

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