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The SCOTUS Ruling on Contraception

Join the dissentSoooo, tell me again about how this “narrow ruling” won’t effect anything but these four methods of birth control (IUD, birth control pill, Plan B (the morning after pill) and Ella, another emergency contraception.  Now, Wheaton College is now asking to be exempt from providing ANY contraception coverage.  And the SCOTUS granted them an exemption from paying for ANY birth control for women.

I have yet to see a single fucking one of these mention vasectomies anywhere.

It’s all about punishing those dirty, dirty whores.  Those women who have “recreational sex” instead of being good little incubators.

A.  None of the forms of birth control mentioned cause “abortions. “All of them work mechanically by preventing ovulation.  No ovulation, no egg.  No egg, no conception.  No conception…  You get the idea.

B.  I’ll mention again, no one has said shit about vasectomies or Viagra, which has only one use:  Boners.  Unlike the pill which can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including the most important one, the condition of not wanting to get pregnant.

I don’t know who the fuck these asshole think they’re going to USE those boners on if all the women are pregnant.  Yes, some pregnant women still want to have sex, but a lot don’t.  Granted, we’re talking about a group of people whose circle in the Venn Diagram of shitheads overlaps a lot with “No such thing as marital rape,” and “Well, there’s rape and then there’s rape rape.”

Yup, this about sums it up .

Yup, this about sums it up .

I do not have words for how enraged I am that I now have fewer rights than a corpse in the eyes of the ruling (male) majority of the Supreme Court.  Thanks guys.  Thanks for letting women everywhere know that we aren’t really people.  We’re just annoyingly chatty incubators who also happen to cook.

Fuck, I can’t even.

Also, as several other people have pointed out, and I would also like to point out.  Employers don’t “give” you health insurance.  The part of the insurance that they subsidize to make it more affordable is part of your earnings.  YOU EARN THAT HEALTH INSURANCE.  It’s like they were taking a chunk of your paycheck, and saying, “OK, well, we know this money is yours, but we don’t want you spending it on anything we don’t agree with.”  I fucking hate when people are all, “Well, the company is paying for that health insurance…”

No, they’re not.  That money they spend on insurance, as an incentive for people to work for them, is part of what the employee earns.  That is how it works.  Not to mention, they don’t cover the full cost.  I have never worked a job where my insurance was fully covered, with the exception of my dental insurance which is fully covered by my employer, but that’s a weird exception.  Also, by offering insurance benefits, they pay a lower tax rate on that money which goes to pay for your benefits.  Offering you insurance also benefits the company, in more ways that hopefully having a less sick workforce.

Douchebags Scalia and Alitio claimed this would be a “narrow ruling,” and then immediately went back on that.  But even if it had stayed narrow, what does that say?  It legally entrenches discrimination against women.  And if one single asshole comes here and says, as I saw in the comments to a friend’s post, “Well, women have more options for birth control, isn’t that discrimination against men?” the stomping will not be pretty, but I will use small words since you are very obviously reality-challenged, and big words are outside your purview.*

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Hobby Lobby Facts


 *They have been trying to create a “male pill” for decades.  The problem is, while women only (usually) release one egg a month, and that is easily suppressed with hormones, men create sperm constantly.  And suppressing the hormones related to sperm production usually result in loss of sex drive, breast development, and other side effects that women would laugh off,** but men, not so much.  I actually work with doctors who are looking into this, and while the research has turned up some delightful possibilities for treating male infertility, they’re still quite a ways away from a male pill.  

**Seriously, read the list of side effects for the pill some time, and talk to me about which is the tougher gender.  

One comment on “The SCOTUS Ruling on Contraception

  1. Sarmonster
    July 7, 2014

    You left off the part where an IUD (which is on the list) costs $1000 and is the only nonpermanent, non-hormone based long-term form of BC.

    “I’ve got coconut oil, corn oil, canola oil, peanut oil and bacon grease, but if you work for me you can’t put motor oil in your car because some 2000-year-old piece of fanfic I might have read insinuated it was bad.”


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