Leftist commentary from a mouthy bitch

Hey! I’m back. Again.

This time it was fucking kidney stones.

Really, body?  Fucking really?

Yup.  Another four days in the hospital.

Now, in my defense, when I first got hit with the kidney stone pain, I thought it was menstrual cramps, because that’s how bad those get.  Tell me again how it’s no big deal.  Anyway, after 17 hours and realizing that this was in fact a different flavor of hell, I called my doctor’s office, and was once again told, “Go to the ER,” with the unspoken “idiot” on the end.

So, I went to the ER.  Kicked my husband out early because he falls apart when I’m really, really not well, and I could not be grown up enough for both of us when I was literally doubled over in pain.  But the Best Girlfriend in the World came down and spent 13 hours in the ER with me because she is a goddess.  And she went to bat for me, because I just couldn’t.  I hadn’t slept at all, I hurt.  We discovered that I am allergic to morphine as well as dilaudid, so that was refreshing.  But toradol is a magical substance.

Anyway, one procedure later I was supposed to go home, and well, I won’t go into all of it, but they finally let me out four days later.  And two more procedures and one cancer scare later, I’m fine.

And back in therapy because wow, is my head a toxic place right now.  But yes, I’m back again.

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